Meridian Corner Lamp

$129.95 $169.00

Meridian Corner Lamp is a Revolutionary Take on Lighting

The Meridian Corner Lamp is a bold and innovative spin on RGBW lighting, bringing style to cutting-edge lighting technology for the first time. The Meridian Corner Lamp employs RGBIC lighting, a new kind of lighting system that is familiar to many and now available with the Meridian Corner Lamp.

Corner Lamp

16 million colors without disturbing the environment? This technology is amazing!

With this technology, you can seamlessly watch transitions of more than 16 million colors without disturbing the environment, which can change any room I want.

Enjoy a new mood every day with the Meridian Corner Lamp!

Offering over 60 dynamic scene modes from waves to dots, the Meridian Corner Lamp will provide the ideal atmosphere for any mood, complete with metal finishes and a weighted solid metal base. In addition to being slim and compact, its metal finish and light output will provide warmth and light.


  • Dimensions: 65"(H) 5.5"(L) x 5.5"(W)
  • Cord Length: 4 feet
  • Voltage: 24V
  • Brightness: 1500 lumens (warm/cool light)
  • Control Method: Smart APP + Touch remote control + RGBW
  • Features: 16 Million Colors, 60 Scene Modes
  • Warranty(Year): 1-Year

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