Infinity Cube


A visually stunning, endless contemporary art piece. Dive into an endless vault with the Infinity Cube. This futuristic illumination designed with light is manufactured with magic.

Served use as an ambient light or a centerpiece. Impress with Lightsmoon cube the greatest conversation starter yet.

• Material: Polychromatic Toughened Scratch Resistant Acrylic with white wood base,
• Illumination: Core energy efficient LED, 200000 hours.
• Power: USB 5V / 2.5W
• Cord Length: 150cm / 59"

Available in 3 sizes:

  • Small - Height: 16.5cm/6.5", Length: 15cm/5.9", Width: 15cm/5.9"
  • Medium - Height: 24cm/9.4", Length: 22cm/8.6", Width: 22cm/8.6"
  • Large - Height: 32cm/12.5", Length: 30cm/11.8", Width: 30cm/11.8"

What's included:

• 1x Apex Cube
• USB cable
• Instruction manual and care guide
• Microfiber care cloth

Illuminate in style

Technology behind the cube

The lamp’s main material, dichroic borosilicate glass, changes colors and depths as you view it from different angles. It produces multicolored light thanks to thin-film interferencer. That’s the same phenomenon behind Fresnel lenses as well as rainbows on butterfly wings, soap bubbles, and oil spills.

Elevate the mood of your space

Yellow incandescent light might look quite dim and white fluorescent light too bright; sadly, both can be dull. The kaleidoscopic cube will break the monotony of any plain-vanilla home or office interior. Its light will paint a room with a vibrant assortment of colors, transforming your space from simple to splendid.

50,000+ hours of light

Not only is the Infinity cube lamp magically iridescent; it also stays alight for long. Its built-in 5-watt LED light bulb has a lifespan of 50,000+ hours. Keep your office table well-lighted while saving on replacement costs and energy in the long run.

The perfect present for any occasion

The Infinity cube by Lightsmoon is a prized treasure for light art connoisseurs and general art enthusiasts. Work-from-home, night-owl professionals will find it a fab and fun alternative to the usual desk lamp. Either way, the meticulously crafted lamp is a single item that imbues an otherwise boring place with a whole spectrum of radiance. It’s a spectacle of art and physics.

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